Medieval spectacle

We invite you to an unforgettable medieval evening

A glittering festive banquet in a grandiose setting, a dozen lively attractions, medieval costumes and music, delicious food and drinks. You will be transported from the 20th century back to 3 July 1468.

We, Charles the Bold and Margaret of York,

bid you welcome to our wedding feast. These are exciting times in 1468. Everything is different: celebrating, eating the way food is served, etiquette, enjoyment. You will discover one surprise after another. You will be feasting in an imposing former church, surrounded by dozens of other revellers.

Enjoying life Burgundy-style.

The meal itself is a gigantic four-course dinner, richly washed down (that's how they used to describe it in those days) with as much beer and wine as you can drink. But you will not only be eating and drinking: during the meal, you will be feasting your eyes and ears on the entertainment and the atmosphere.

Historic spectacle

Dozens of actors will transport you into a sparkling medieval spectacle. The wedding feast will be enlivened by jesters, minstrels and dancers. There is also sword fighting, falconry, flame swallowing, a witches' dance, jousting, parrot shooting and more for your entertainment. You will be close to all the action, and if you want, you can ask to take part. An enjoyable historic evening is guaranteed for all.

Something for everyone

The evening is literally a celebration for everyone. All ages, individuals or groups, will be sure to have a great time. Children benefit from special prices, and certainly get their money's worth.

Tailor-made for your company

Your colleagues from work will enjoy the show:
a great evening out for a staff party, dealers day or sales incentive. Your staff will certainly appreciate your initiative.
You will have an unforgettable evening.

See you soon,
Charles and Margaret